Eye test in 0.01 dpt

The eye is far more powerful than we previously thought. New research shows that 95% of people perceive finer gradations than the usual correction steps of 0.25 dioptres. After five years of scientific research by the leading lens manufacturer Essilor, the correction of ametropia has been further developed and, thanks to Essilor AVA™, determined even more precisely.

Essilor AVA™ is based on two technological pillars: a new phoropter with a revolutionary optical module and an intelligent refraction program that allows subjective refraction in 0.01 dpt increments and offers you a unique experience.

At the end of the refraction, a simulated everyday view will show you what you can expect from your new lenses thanks to these new measurements in 0.01 dpt increments.

We are very pleased to be the first optician in Basel to offer this new technology exclusively! Experience the eye exam in a new, uncomplicated and highly precise way! Unlock the full potential of your vision and make an appointment today!