How to clean your glasses

A lot accumulates on your glasses during the day. In order to maintain a clear view, the glasses usually have to be cleaned every day. Many people therefore quickly grab a sweater or the nearest handkerchief.

But the correct cleaning of glasses extends the preservation of your glasses and takes no longer than with a handkerchief. How to properly clean your glasses:


To go or when things have to go fast:

- Use a microfiber cloth for cleaning on the go. Ideally, you always have one in the case.

- The same applies to the microfiber cloth: To avoid scratching the glass surface, first remove dust or dirt from the glasses with water or by blowing on them.

- If you are heavily soiled on the go, use one of our Beyeler Optik glasses sprays. Simply spray the spray onto the glasses and dry with the microfiber cloth.


Tip: With the additional lotus effect on your lenses, it saves you a lot of cleaning work in advance.


For daily cleaning at home:

- It is best to hold your glasses under clear, lukewarm water. The water should only be lukewarm, otherwise the glass surface can be damaged by the heat

- Clean the glasses carefully with a drop of washing-up liquid between your fingers and then rinse the glasses thoroughly again

- Then dry the glasses with a microfiber or cosmetic cloth

- It is best to hold rimless glasses by the edge of the lens to avoid putting pressure on the lenses.


Cleaning after a stay at the beach:

Most of the time, residues of sand remain on the edge of your glasses frame after a stay on the beach. Therefore, bring your glasses to Beyeler Optik for ultrasonic cleaning to avoid scratches. Also look out for sand residue in your glasses case.


Avoid the following things while cleaning:

- Clothes

- Handkerchiefs

- towels (emery effect)

- kitchen paper

- Wet glasses cleaning cloths

- Glass cleaner

- no moisturizing detergent

- Washing machine and dishwasher

- hot water


Storage of your glasses:

Always keep your glasses in the appropriate case to avoid putting pressure on the frame or lenses.