Optometric eye examination

The optometric eye examination at Beyeler Optik in Basel includes the following services:

  • Detailed history
  • examination of eye positions
  • Ocular motility check and control of the eyes gliding movements
  • Precise measurement of visual performance – with and without glasses
  • Visual field testing using the confrontation test method
  • eye pressure measurement
  • Binocular vision test using the NPC break and recovery method
  • Assessment of the anterior eye section including eye lens and anterior chamber
  • Reflexes of the pupils incl. RAPD
  • Analysis of the ocular fundus in relation to:
    1. Optic nerve
    2. Macula
    3. Arteries and veins
    4. Periphery of the retina
    5. Vitreous
  • Objective and subjective refraction (eye test)

The optometric eye examination goes far beyond a normal eye test. Its main focus is on maintaining and improving your eyesight and eye health. We examine the retina, optic nerve, anterior segment, spatial vision and the entire visual system of your eyes using the most modern equipment. The resulting information then leads to our recommendation of the best glasses or contact lenses or, if necessary, a visit to an opthamologist.